Gullivers Kingdom

In August VICTA held a really successful day at Gulliver’s Kingdom in beautiful Derbyshire. VICTA continues to explore new venues with Gulliver’s and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. It was lovely to meet the families in the morning over a cuppa and share information, while the groups mingled and discovered common ground. After a brief talk from VICTA the families had some free time to explore the park.

Marielle and Coralie The Lewis Family

Set on the side of a hill the views were stunning and a cable car to the top of the site was invaluable as well as being good fun. Lots of rides which particularly suited the little ones were available.

Cable car at Gullivers

Daniel and his mum climbing the hills Tillie Rae and her Dad

At midday we all met once again for lunch and had a very enjoyable all you can eat and drink pizza buffet. Again families had the opportunity to mix and chat and this worked very well. A couple more hours in the park and it was time to go home to bed. Tired out and contented little ones were no doubt asleep before the car was out of the car park.

Roller coaster

The families came from all over the country and in particular two families from south of the river in London met each other for the first time! They travelled over 150 miles to our day trip to find out they lived round the corner from each other. A new friendship was formed and plans to keep in touch were made.

A note from one of the parents:

“Daniel White and his parents had a great day in the Kingdom, despite the odd rain shower. Thank you very much for arranging it and for your team on the ground’s hard work. A very positive note from the day was the fact that we met a couple and their daughter, a young girl who has a very similar condition to Daniel’s, is just a few years younger but more importantly lives south of the river Thames!!! This means that we now have a contact nearby with whom Daniel can hopefully spend time. The isolation of Daniel’s condition has been one of the greatest problems we have faced. So many of the other childhood physical challenges are more common. One can meet up with other parents and children with similar problems so much more readily. We have a friend whose child was deaf. The support provided by the LA was much more readily available for her. There were networks of other parents with similar children already set up and available in and around Croydon for her. By comparison to Daniel’s problem, this only enhanced the isolation we felt. The friendship foundered. So thank you for your support and providing the linkage opportunity for us.” John White


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