Christmas decoration competition

Thank you so much to everyone who sent in entries for our #TreeforTreats Christmas decoration competition, we have been absolutely overwhelmed by your beautiful creations. Our job was made very difficult indeed when it came to judging them!

Every entry will receive a well-deserved treat through the post from us to say thank you for making our office sparkle this Christmas.


The Winners…



1st Place – Alana, 15

Alana created this magical home-made globe which contains a photograph of her meeting Santa. The whole box has been decorated beautifully with stickers, fairy lights and glitter. Alana’s mum told us that she was very proud of how Alana, who loves Santa, helped with this decoration, especially as she doesn’t usually like anything sticky!





2nd place

2nd Place – Riley, 4

Riley used a pine cone which he painted and decorated with sparkly ribbon and pom poms. What we really loved about Ryley’s decoration is that it even smells like Christmas. He has added a cinnamon stick which makes it really extra special.






Tree 3rd Place – Ruby, 10

Ruby has very cleverly turned Christmas tree branches into a lovely decoration. The branches have been stuck to a stick in size order to create the shape of a Christmas tree. Ruby has then decorated this with a selection of different buttons.






The Entries…


decoration  decoration

These decorations have been made with card and lots of lovely textures. Elliot (3) decorated his with lots of glitter and a ‘let is snow’ sticker. Evia (5) made hers into a ring shape and decorated it with different coloured sparkly pom poms.





Jasper (6) made this lovely, shimmery star. Jasper used shiny gold card and cut out the shape with a wavy edge. Jasper finished his design with some festive pom poms.







LOL emoji   Angel emoji

Love heart eyes emoji   Sleepy emoji

Imogen (9) and Jasmin (6) drew us these brilliant emojis for our tree. They made the sleepy emoji to represent the sleeps ’til Christmas, the angel for the top of the tree, the LOL emoji as they are soooo excited and happy about Christmas and finally a love heart eye emoji to represent the love at Christmas time.





This butterfly decoration was made by Dexter (3). Dexter decorated a butterfly foam shape with sequins and stickers and hung it with a green pipe cleaner. 







pom pom


This lovely and soft home-made pom pom bauble, made from pink and purple wool was sent in by Amy (school year 10)








decorations   decorations

These decorations were sent in from brother and sister Lucas (16) and Isla (10). Lucas used tissue paper, ribbon and a bag to make his decoration and chose a bright fluorescent ribbon to tie it with. He wanted the decoration to make a noise when you rustle it. Isla decorated her snowman with sticky dots as she wanted to make it very tactile. She also chose gems for his eyes as they feel nice to touch. 



pearl star


Pearl decorated her star very appropriately with pearl beads and red, green and gold glitter. The star itself has been made from silver foil. 








decoration  decoration 

Kate (9) made a her decoration using different sized flat wooden sticks which have been stuck together to form the shape of a Christmas tree. Kate has painted them green and added glitter, beads and stickers. Kate’s sister Sophie (7) also made a beautiful decoration. Sophie used green paint to bring some magic to a pine cone and added pom poms and glitter. 



decoration   decoration   decoration 

decoration   decoration   



Brianna (9) made us the 3D snowman, cone tree, hanging bell decoration, glittery bell and the glittery snowman. All showing very created and fun use of coloured card and paper!

Michaela (9) decorated a beautiful bow, the shiniest glitter bauble we have ever seen and a fabulous Rudolf with a huge red pom pom nose.




Pizza oven


Abhishay (4) made this Christmas pizza oven from coloured card which comes complete with a tray and Christmas pizza! 











decorations   decorations

Caitlin (9) created baubles using different coloured tissue paper which she stuck together and fanned out to make them 3D. She then decorated them with stickers!




Madeline (14) created this very clever bauble using green and red foam shapes which she has stuck together and decorated with raised dots, wiggles and ribbon. It even sounds like Christmas as it has a  little bell hanging from it.






tactile bauble


Charlie (4 and nine months!) added extra sparkle and a tactile element to his bauble by decorating it with glitter, tinsel and textured shiny paper. 







gingerbread men


Ellie (10) made this brilliant gingerbread man chain. she coloured them in and added on different outfits, including a Santa hat, elf hat and a Christmas pudding jumper! 









This beautiful angel was made by Poppy (6). She used lots of different textures and added pretty fanned gold wings.








decorations  decorations  decorations

decorations  decorations  decorations

We received a box of goodies from Dots House at New College Worcester. Darragh, Eban, Charlie, Ethan, Tobias, DJ, Stanley, Sophia, Miamh and Martha (aged 13 to 15 years) decorated CDs with a range of tactile materials and hung battery powered tea lights from them to add extra magic. They also made us some paper chains and a fabulous gold star for the top of our tree.



snowflake decoration  snowflake decoration

snowflake decoration


These fantastic snowflakes have been made from lollipop sticks. Rebecca (10), Lacie (5) and Elleshia (15) decorated these by painting them different colours and tying them with pipe cleaners and wool. Elleshia said she added pom poms and blue glitter for extra sparkle!





Braille decoration


This unique tree was Brailled by Emma (12). Emma set a pattern in Braille and in the centre wrote a message that reads ‘Merry Christmas from Emma’. 







angel  angel

Brother and sister Om and Ayushi (7) made these beautiful paper fan angels. Ayushi used bright neon colours and textures.



gingerbread men

gingerbread men  gingerbread man

These fantastic gingerbread men were made be the children at the Oak Provision at Dalton JIN School. They are decorated with a range of different materials and all have their own unique outfit! Thanks to Hannah (10), Daniel (10), Tora (11), Safiyyah (9), Thomas (8), Harris (9), Taalujah (8), Bellah (7), Roamanie (7), Shaun (6), Millie (6) and Jayden (5).


2018 Christmas decoration competition

We really appreciate the time and care which went into making these lovely Christmas decorations. Our tree now looks truly stunning, thank you so much to everyone who has sent in their creations and brought so much joy to the VICTA office.

We hope all of these fantastic decorations have also given everyone lots of ideas to try at home.

Merry Christmas from everyone at VICTA!



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