VICTA Christmas Decoration Competition

A huge thank you to everyone who has sent in their home-made decorations to VICTA, we can see just how much work you have put into them and it has been magical receiving them all! We will be adding a new decoration to our tree every day and will be sharing the photographs on here so please keep checking back. Third place will be announced on 14th December, second place on 15th December and first place on 16th December. We will be sending out treats to all the entrants soon!

1st December 2016, Sparkly Tree by Michaela aged 7.

Michaela decoration

2nd December 2016, Glittery Snowflakes by Ben aged 12 and Ruby aged 8.

Ben and Ruby

3rd December 2016, Christmas Stocking by Riley aged 2.

Riley day 3

4th December 2016, Mickey Mouse by Emma aged 10.

Day 4 Emma

5th December 2016, Dotty Wreath by Brianna aged 7.

Day 7 Brianna

6th December 2016, Baked Christmas Ornaments by Johnathan aged 10 and Elaine aged 6.

Day 6 Johnathan and Elaine Day 6 Johnathan and Elaine

7th December 2016, Tree With Tinsel by George aged 3.

Day 7 George

8th December 2016, Colourful Stocking by Finbar aged 7.

Day 8 Finbar

9th December 2016, Fluffy Reindeer by Emmy aged 14.

Day 9 Emmy

10th December 2016, Magical Tree by Sasha aged 8.

Day 10 Sasha

11th December 2016, Snowman Hands by Holly aged 5.

Day 11 Holly

12th December 2016, Textured Bauble by Ellie aged 8.

Day 12 Ellie

13th December 2016, Stocking and Snowman by Lily aged 11.

Day 13 Lily

14th December 2016, Third Place

Sock Snowman by Hana aged 10 and Zara aged 8.

Day 14 Hana and Zara

15th December 2016, Second Place

Sparkly Bell Set by Rowan aged 10.

Day 15 Rowan


First Place

Fabric Heart by Mariyam aged 14.

1st Mariyam

Fabric Decoration by Muhmina aged 13.

1st - Muhmina

Christmas Pudding by Rafi aged 10.

1st - Rafi

Spiced Decoration by Sadiyah aged 13.

1st - Sadiyah

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