The first 14-17 trip (and third trip overall) for VICTA in 2017 saw us travelling, not too far, to the Caldecotte Xperience in Milton Keynes, a tried and tested centre for VICTA.

As our group arrived, the excitement for the weekend ahead was obvious and it was fantastic to welcome a few new faces to the group. Shortly after arriving, we began our stay with climbing and archery, with some excellent climbing displayed and some Robin Hood-esc shooting during the archery.

Outdoor activities

Trying out abseiling and archery

The range of activities we had over the three days allowed us to explore our adventurous sides; canoeing across the lake, building crate towers, going caving, abseiling down the middle and down the side of the climbing tower, learning some camp-craft (and making hot chocolate) and running around in a zorb-ball. This also provided a perfect opportunity for our volunteers to support and provide some fun and games to help the team enjoy themselves further for the weekend.

While on the weekend, we also hosted an E-Textiles Workshop with the help of Emilie Giles, from the Open University. Using metallic yarns and threads, we wove some electronic textiles that allowed us to play sounds from a soundboard depending on which weave was interacted with. Everyone produced their own unique e-textiles and all of them worked on the first go, making it a very successful workshop for us.


Taking part om an e-textile workshops

Our last night at the centre was crowned with a lovely dinner at a nearby restaurant, which allowed everyone to get dressed up and enjoy a nice meal together before all setting off the next day.

Overall, the experience was a constructive one for VICTA, and we would like to extend our thanks to the volunteers, who helped make the weekend a great laugh, and to the tremendous staff at Caldecotte, who encouraged our group to reach that little bit further and to push ourselves.

By John Smith
Children, Young People and Families Activities Coordinator

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