We have a lot of different events that will raise money for children and young people who are blind or partially sighted. Our main event is the London Marathon but we also have smaller events running throughout the year, some of these are RideLondon-Surrey 100 and the Greenwich Santa Dash. The money you raise will go towards equipment and activities for children and young people who are blind or partially sighted.

Fundraising can be hard work and difficult if you have never done it before. With this is mind we provide our participants with fundraising packs giving useful tips on how you can raise money. We also offer you sponsorship forms, collection boxes and buckets, and t-shirts which are available on request.

Below are some useful money raising tips:

Mufti Day

Mufti day will probably take you back to your school days however you are never too old to have some fun! Suggest having a mufti or fancy dress day in your workplace, college or university. Everyone who participates has to pay a pound or more. Tie it up with a cake bake to raise even more and turn it into a fun day in the office while raising money for VICTA!

Why not join in with our Team VICTA dress-down Friday themes? We promote these on our Team VICTA facebook page and post our pictures.

Your Junk Is Someone Else’s Treasure

The village jumble sale may be a bit retro, but there is still money to be made for VICTA. You could either organise one yourself or find out when and where your local car boot sale will be taking place. Grab some friends and family to join you and get rid of all their junk too! Or if there is no car boot sale near you why not sell online through Ebay. Register on www.ebay.com and bid all your items away!

Get Famous

Why not use this amazing life experience to get famous! Share your story with the media and get your name and VICTA’s in the paper. Media is a very powerful fundraising tool which can help you reach a wide potential sponsor base. Your local newspaper would be a great place to start, with many devoting pages to local fundraising.

Be a Running Advert

You are running one of the world’s most prestigious marathons and you will be seen by thousands. Everyone will see your vest and think VICTA. A company or organisation would love this sort of publicity. If you offer them some advertisement space on your running vest in exchange for sponsorship money then you can be a running advert for a day and have gained some sponsor money too!

Match Match Match

Did you know that some companies organise a matched giving scheme? This is when an employee who is raising money for a charity proves how much they have raised and their employer matches this amount (depending on what their terms and conditions are). This is a great and easy way of doubling your sponsorship total, so find out if you can match today!

Set Up Your Online Virgin Money Giving Page

This should be your first step to begin fundraising, when you start promoting what you are doing you can direct potential donors to your fundraising page straight away. You can set up your page here: Visit Virgin Money Giving

Get Out There

Tell everyone what you are doing and that you are doing it for a fantastic cause that needs their support! Start a facebook group or tweet it! Put up posters around your workplace, neighbourhood, gym, local shop, running club, university etc. Carry sponsorship forms on you and leave some in safe places e.g. at reception in your workplace where people can fill them in as they please. Let those who are interested come to you!

TIP – start each sheet with a high sponsor (even if it’s your spouse or relative) as this sets a trend for others.

Try to get the offline money as soon as the donor has pledged it. You may find when it comes to asking them for the money after the marathon, some of these people may no longer be where they were or their situation may have changed, which prevents them from giving you the promised amount. So get the money as soon as it is pledged, this will make it easier for you in the end, and avoids you running around chasing up these people plus you won’t be at risk of being short of the minimum total.

Business Cards

Why not visit www.moonpig.com and create your own personal business card. Have a picture of you on one side and your internet fundraising site address on the other. Then anyone new you bump into each day, give them your card so they can make a donation when they get a chance to.

Collection Buckets

Collection buckets can be requested. These can be left at your local pub or corner shop (providing you obtain permission from the owner). All you have to do is leave it there, then when it fills up, empty the contents and start again. Remember pennies equal £’s!


Add your link to your Virgin Money Giving page to your auto signature at the bottom of your emails.

Coffee Mornings / Evenings

Invite friends and family for a lovely time and get them to donate in exchange for cakes, coffee or tea.

Hire Your Drive

Do you live near a train station and your drive is left clear all day? Why not hire it out and use the monthly payment / donation towards your sponsor money.

Victa fundraising picture