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On Friday 10th February #TeamVICTA hosted a twitter party to discuss all things fundraising! A big thank you to everyone who joined in and shared ideas. If you missed it fear not! You will find a round up of the highlights here…

How are you all finding fundraising? Is anyone close to hitting their targets?
a great resource for fundraising for me – my local Sainsburys and Lidl have given me permission to collect outside their stores.
Sainsburys = £258. Lidl in a couple of weeks. Support from strangers was amazing & really strong interest in VICTA.

 My mum who is blind herself climbed the 02 arena. Currently looking at even more ways to get sponsored.
Don’t forget to keep your eye on seasonal events to cash in on, Valentine’s day and pancake day are both approaching.
 Stock up now on pancake essentials – lemon, sugar, syrup… sell emergency pancake supplies on the day for those who forgot! 
It isn’t long until Easter – Easter egg hunts are a great family event… scavenger style hunts work well. Collect clues or letters to solve a word, with an egg for every child who solves it!
 Write to places to get raffle prizes you will be surprised how many generous organisations will support you and donate a prize!
 Signed football, match tickets, family days out, restaurant vouchers, beauty voucher, pantomime tickets, wine, gift sets.
If anyone requires a verification letter to help obtain raffle prizes just pop an email to – Joe
 My lovely friend has organised a dinner party and charged people to come, she wanted to do something different to sponsoring me.
Fundraising party
 What has been your most successful fundraising event so far? 
 What I’ve done is asked people on instagram & twitter to sponsor me, I’ve asked @ if they would again
As well last year a friend of mine got me a slot on sky sports be amazing to get on again as that help me.
There are lots of posters on our download area. Are there any resources you would like us to add?
 I will use the first one for my Lidl collection on my table. leaflets you gave me have been great for awareness too

VICTA poster
Did you know VICTA have a twibbon you can add to your profile picture? Add yours here:

Twibbon message
 Has anyone taken on any virtual/online challenges and did they work well?
 Use social media to ‘virtually’ hold something or even someone in virtual jail! Followers donate towards a goal to free them!
Went went down well on Sunday I did a LIVE Broadcast of me running which a lot really liked
 You could try an Instagram challenge – e.g. post a photo of a mascot in a different place/funny situation each day? 
 Create your own Youtube video, it could be funny, inspiring or both! 
 If virtual events aren’t for you here are some more traditional ideas!
 Bingo nights always go down really well and you can put a twist on them! Try a chocolate or music themed night.
Selling advertising space on your running vest to local businesses has worked for past runners.
 Charge friends to choose a song for your playlist for marathon day, and hope they have good taste in music!  
Set up a treadmill (with permission) outside a busy shopping area. Run while you collect to help fill the pot up!
 Why not run a sweepstake to guess your marathon running time? You will find a template on our download area.
 Spread the word with posters – we have customisable posters available to download & add your fundraising link! #TeamVICTA
 If you are holding a big local event try & get the local news involved to spread your cause.
 Ask your employer if they offer matched funding.
 There is a great list of blogs you can visit here for further inspiration: 
 Are you on pinterest? There are lots of boards on there offering inspiration!
Collection box request forms can be found in our Runners Download Area – Joe
Don’t forget thanks to VICTA runners who raise over £1,650 this year will be entered to win a table at Le Gavroche!
 Thank you for joining in! – Emily and Joe
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