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On Friday 26 February @VICTAChildren held a fundraising twitter party using #FundraiseVICTA. Thank you to all of our fundraisers who joined us for the hour to share fundraising ideas. For those of you who couldn’t make it here is a summary of the twitter chat.

@VICTAChildren So to start us off… What have been your most successful fundraising events so far? #FundraiseVICTA

@LeighDale96 …I’m raffling 2 giant Easter eggs at work with the aim to raise an extra £200 from this.
@therevbishop I’ve been giving away smarties tubes to people and they eat them and return it to me filled with money. #FundraiseVICTA
@therevbishop …I’ve given out about 40 so far but have loads to still give away. Returns so far vary from a few pounds to £12-15.
@therevbishop Also plan on a quiz night and maybe a concert #FundraiseVICTA
@VICTAChildren Quiz nights always go down well and fun too! We have a pre-made quiz poster in our Runners Download Area #fundraisevicta
@TracieTappenden Did a carol concert with my local am dram group raised £700 for one night
@VICTAChildren Some successful events we’ve heard about have been a spinathon, treadmills outside ikea, chocolate bingo night & bag packing! #FundraiseVICTA
@051976_mart I’ve done two. I’ve got 80% of my donations by Instagram and only on Tuesday I was on live TV doing an interview.
@VICTAChildren David has just raised £140 in 11 hours – £2 to name this bear who has now gone to the winners home! #FundraiseVICTA
Name the bear
@Paul_Schroder_ #FundraiseVICTA I am doing charity night at the dog races with raffle 🙂
@pinkalinkainka Body Shop party. Asked them to convert the host’s gift into a donation #FundraiseVICTA

@VICTAChildren Has anyone managed one big event to bring them in close to their total? #FundraiseVICTA

@suebeloo Not yet, but I have a friend on the case who’s arranging a wine tasting evening with one of the clubs in town. #FundraiseVICTA

@VICTAChildren Are any of you first time fundraisers? Is it hard to get used to asking for money? #FundraiseVICTA

@suebeloo I’m not a pushy kind of person but people know I’m training hard, and the money will come in nearer the time…
@TracieTappenden I think people like to get something for their money, cake sale, raffle, concert, meal, coffee.
@051976_mart ‏Yes this first time I’ve fund raised I find it easier to ask people on social media than in person… But Tuesday night… [dog track/sky interview] … really helped me and I went and asked different people and I made £160 in 20 mins wow still more to come I’m on £1,288.

@VICTAChildren We always love seeing the cake pictures, has anyone had big success with bake sales? #FundraiseVICTA

@HighfieldABC Our spooktacular bake off was a great success and helped us raise money whilst having lots of fun.

@VICTAChildren Has anyone made use of the runners download area for their fundraising? #FundraiseVICTA

@therevbishop Not yet. Plan too. Also got a couple of coffee shops who will take collection boxes. Just need to order them! #fundraiseVICTA
@VICTAChildren Collection box request forms are available in our Runners Download Area – always handy #fundraiseVICTA – Joe
@051976_mart Do you have something like a collection box and poster to go with it so I can leave in shops to see if that helps?
@VICTAChildren Hi Martin, download the form to order collection boxes here: … #FundraiseVICTA
@jonwoodsx Yes – ordered the supporter pack and read the training programme.

@VICTAChildren We have a good list of ideas on there: 

@HighfieldABC Some great ideas!!
@VICTAChildren There are also downloadable posters on the runners download area, has anyone made use of these? #FundraiseVICTA


@VICTAChildren Here are a few more ideas for you… #FundraiseVICTA

@VICTAChildren Organise a scavenger hunt around your local town with an entry fee for teams… Shave your head… or beard! #FundraiseVICTA
@suebeloo I have said I’ll shave my head if someone coughs up £200. I have friends considering it!!! #fundraisevicta
@pinkalinkainka A guy gave me two boxes of second hand books. I’ll set up a book stall at work with a #VICTA money box #FundraiseVICTA
@VICTAChildren Our sweepstake template has been popular, download it and get people guessing your marathon time! 
@VICTAChildren …and don’t forget to keep your eye on major calendar events to cash in. Easter is up next! #FundraiseVICTA
@VICTAChildren How about an egg painting or egg rolling competition to win a big egg? Or a classic Egg and spoon race tournament?! #FundraiseVICTA
@HighfieldABC Some great suggestions we are currently planning a host of fundraising activity for Easter!
@VICTAChildren Spring’s coming so have a clean out and ask friends & families to do the same ready for car boot sales or ebay auctions. #FundraiseVICTA
@suebeloo I gave up smoking last year and been filling up my bottle since with change. All that will go to #FundraiseVicta
@HighfieldABC A great idea… a member of our team raised over £900 by quitting alcohol and smoking for 1 month! #FundraiseVICTA
@VICTAChildren From quiz nights to afternoon tea it’s a good idea to theme your events to make them stand out… #FundraiseVICTA
@VICTAChildren Facepaints are always popular… just look how easy it is to paint our VICTA rainbow! #FundraiseVICTA
Rainbow face painting
@HighfieldABC The staff fun run was also a great way to raise money, you could run your own and add stalls for extra fundraising #fundraiseVICTA
@HighfieldABC How HABC fundraised for the 2014 London Marathon! #FundraiseVicta …
@HighfieldABC Some very brave members of staff also did a sponsored skydive to raise money #FundraiseVICTA
Highfield Skydive
@pinkalinkainka I’ve a @VICTAChildren collection box at my local @Tesco they are very supportive and helpful #FundraiseVICTA
@VICTAChildren If anyone needs a verification letter to prove they are taking part in the 2016 London Marathon, just drop us an email #fundraiseVICTA – Joe

@VICTAChildren One of our runners has recommended Instagram as a great fundraising tool. #FundraiseVICTA


@VICTAChildren We’ve created a #TeamVICTA twibbon for you to add to your twitter profile pictures. Get yours here: #FundraiseVICTA

@051976_mart Done look awesome #fundraisevicta #FundraiseVICTA
twibbon campaign

@VICTAChildren Time is nearly up! Thank you so much for joining in and all your hard work supporting VICTA. #FundraiseVICTA

If you have any ideas you would like to add please just post your comment below, we would love to hear them.

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