To apply for one of our grants you can either apply by post or via the online form below. Before we can process your application we will also need to have received a copy of your registration documents or proof that you are registrable. Your application form will not move forward for review until we have seen these. Acceptable documents include:

  • Certificate of a person’s registration as Sight Impaired/Partially Sighted or Severely Sight Impaired/Blind (CVI)
  • BD8
  • Certification from the County Council (which is normally a small card).
  • Letter from an ophthalmologist stating that the young person’s sight is at a level which makes them eligible to be registered if desired (we will accept this if a young person is not yet registered).

If supplying a CVI please include parts 1 and 2. If you are sending a copy of a card, please make sure you include both sides. The information must include the applicant’s name, date of birth and visual acuity.

Applications can be made through our online form or by downloading the Word version and sending it by post.

To apply by post


Please return your completed form and supporting documents to:

5 Douglas House,
32-34 Simpson Road,
Fenny Stratford,
Milton Keynes,

or by email to

To apply online

Please complete the online application form below.