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Get VICTA fit with our virtual challenge2020-01-16T11:11:51+00:00

The VICTA Virtual 6K Rainbow Challenge

The VICTA Virtual Rainbow 6K Challenge is designed as a series of 6K virtual running races. Receive a coloured medal for each race you complete. You can run as few or as many races as you like. But the challenge is to run seven races, the equivalent of a marathon, and collect enough medals to build the VICTA rainbow.

As each race is a virtual race, you can run each 6K race anywhere and at any time. Our virtual 6K challenge is open to all ages, abilities, sighted and visually impaired. You don’t even need to run the whole way. You can walk, jog, run, wheel or be pushed. You decide. You can even break each 6K race up over a series of days.

We want our virtual running platform to inspire and motivate people to be active. It’s perfect for those who can’t travel to races, people who are training for their first competitive race or for seasoned runners who are looking for a ‘stop-gap’ between organised races.

Why not get the whole family involved, or encourage your work colleagues to take part? And more importantly, every race you run raises money to support children and young adults who are blind or partially sighted.

If you’re a runner that enjoys a mid-run or post-run selfie, show VICTA some social media love by tagging us at #TEAMVICTA. Running for the Red Medal in your collection, we challenge you to run your qualifying 6K dressed in red.

Curious about how it all works?

Step one – Enter our challenge online

You decide when your virtual race starts and let us know during the online application process. Your first 6k virtual challenge will work towards earning your Red Challenge Medal (the first colour of the rainbow). Once completed, you can enter again to earn the next medal working through the colours in the order they appear on the VICTA rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. You will have 30 days from your chosen start date to complete your running challenge in however many runs, walks or steps you like. Wherever you like. And whenever you like. If you’re successful, you get a prestigious VICTA medal as a reward for all your hard work. And the satisfaction of raising funds for charity.

Step two – Make payment

To complete the online process, you will need to make a registration payment of £20 per participant per medal.

If you want to turn the challenge into a fundraising event, click here to find a copy of our Sponsorship Form. You can also fundraise by setting up a Virgin Money Giving Page: For any funds you raise as a result of your challenge, we will send you a VICTA certificate of thanks.  Remember all the money goes towards empowering children and young adults who are blind or partially sighted.

Step three – Get active

From the date you’ve chosen to start your personal challenge start logging your activity. Whether doing a short run each day, walking to work or around the house, each step counts.

Step four – Submit your evidence

At the end of your 30-day challenge submit your evidence (or sooner if you complete earlier). While you have to submit evidence to us as proof of your achievement – don’t worry, that’s not as scary as it sounds. Screenshots of tracking apps, photos of your smart watch records or a spreadsheet with your results will be accepted.

Step five – Get your medal

Once your evidence has been verified by our team, your corresponding VICTA coloured medal will be sent to you in the post. The perfect reminder of what you have achieved.

Can you complete all 7 challenges?

VICTA virtual 6k rainbow challenge
red 6k
orange 6k
yellow 6k
green 6k
blue 6k
Indigo 6k
violet 6k

Frequently asked questions

What is a virtual challenge?2020-01-15T09:53:56+00:00

A virtual challenge is a race that can take place wherever you want, in your own time and at your own pace. A virtual race can be completed on a treadmill, around a racetrack, a beachfront, even during another competitive race. It is completely up to you how you complete your race. All we ask is that when you have completed your race, you email us your evidence and the medal will be yours.

Why a virtual race?2020-01-15T09:54:45+00:00

If you hate being crowded by other runners, left behind, or find it hard to make the time for organised races, a ‘virtual’ running challenge could be the perfect solution.

If you are new to running, it is a great way to stay motivated and build your confidence. Having a target, no matter how small, can be the difference between lacing up your trainers, or a night in watching TV. Virtual races are especially good for people who live in remote areas or work unsociable hours.

What is the VICTA 6K virtual running challenge.2020-01-15T09:56:51+00:00

The VICTA virtual 6K running challenge is an online motivational challenge. You select which VICTA coloured medal you want, commit to run 6K over the course of 30 days, and then complete it anywhere in the world, entirely at your pace. There are no set times, no minimum distance for each run and no problem if you can’t squeeze in the miles on a busy day. You complete your 30-day challenge as and when you want.

And of course, if you are super fit, there is nothing stopping you from running for more than one medal at a time. Running for seven coloured medals in one go would be the equivalent of running a marathon. If you are up for the challenge, why not take on a virtual marathon and get your VICTA rainbow collection in one go.

Do I have to run?2020-01-15T09:57:31+00:00

Not at all. Many people choose to walk all or some of their virtual 6K challenge, whereas others prefer to only record the distance covered when they go out on specific runs. It’s your race, at your pace.

Have I got to complete the distance all in one go?2020-01-15T09:58:07+00:00

No, if you are building up your distances, you can split your race over a few days or weeks, and they can be in varying distances to suit your needs. Whichever way you complete the distance, a VICTA medal is a great reward for your achievement.

Who can enter a virtual race?2020-01-15T09:58:46+00:00

Anyone and everyone. We would ask that if your child (under 18) wants to enter that they should complete the distance under supervision and with a competing parent/guardian (and running together is more fun) but apart from that there are no restrictions. Just get out there and run, walk, hike, whatever works for you.

By entering our virtual race, you are agreeing that any injury or damage that is caused by completing your race is your own responsibility. VICTA will not be held responsible for any injury that occurs during your run. Please see our full Terms and Conditions for more information.

What evidence do I need for my children?2020-01-16T10:57:44+00:00

We know that younger children aren’t always able to record the miles they cover, but if they want to keep track of their progress they can print and colour in their very own tracker, click here to get yours.

We will automatically send medals for children to the parent or guardian registered and it is at their discretion whether the medals are awarded. There is no need to submit any evidence at all for any challenge runners under the age of 18.

What happens after I sign up?2020-01-15T10:02:50+00:00

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with more details on how to track your miles, race evidence, how to submit your evidence and much more. If you don’t receive it, please let us know

Submitting evidence2020-01-15T10:04:44+00:00

Whether you run or walk, it’s easy to record the distances you’re covering and prove your miles. If you have a tracker, Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, phone app (like Strava or Nike Running) or any other similar recording device it is easy to record the runs. Just upload a photo or screenshot of the overall miles for the month and send it to us. That’s all we need.

If you are planning on completing some or all of your miles on a treadmill, or don’t have access to a smartphone or recording device, it’s not a problem either. Just make a note of the miles you have completed in a training log, whether this is on a spreadsheet or hand written – whatever works for you. You can work out the mileage of your route using online maps to calculate how far you’ve run if you’re unsure of the distance.

If you are really struggling to record evidence, or something goes wrong with your phone, app, or tracker, all is not lost. Just drop us an email at and let us know. Ultimately, we want everyone to succeed.

I’ve completed my challenge, what happens now?2020-01-15T10:05:25+00:00

Congratulations. Send in your evidence. It’s really important that you send us the evidence, this is so we know what we need to send you.

I used my challenge to raise funds on behalf of VICTA, what do I do now?2020-01-15T10:06:50+00:00

There are a number of ways you can send us the additional monies.

  1. Bank Transfer – please use your surname and 6K as the reference for the transaction.

CAF Bank Ltd
Account Name: VICTA Children Ltd
Account Number: 00004884
Sort Code: 40-52-40

  1. Telephone card payment – you can call us on 01908 672 163
  2. Write a cheque payable to VICTA Children Ltd. and send to VICTA, 5 Douglas House, 32-34 Simpson Road, Fenny Stratford, Milton Keynes MK1 1BA

To get involved and earn your medals, please complete the following application form:

Apply to enter the VICTA Rainbow Virtual 6K Challenge

Note for applicants completing this form

After completion, if you have successfully submitted the form, you should receive a successful submission message. If you do not it may be because you have not completed a required field.

Applicant details

Terms and Conditions

Entrants acknowledge that they will only receive a medal upon submitting evidence to support completion of their chosen race within the 30-day period and medals are mailed to the address provided on registration.

Entrants declare that they are physically fit and capable of participating in this event and completing their chosen distance. They are not aware of any medical condition or impairment that will prevent participation in this event or will affect their health by participation.

Entrants acknowledge that this is a virtual run and that the organisers will not track or verify results or provide volunteers, marshals or medical personnel assistance.

Entrants consent to VICTA using their name, result, image, photographs, video and comments in any publications and marketing in relation to this event.

You further consent to receiving information about VICTA virtual running events and special offers and promotions.

Entry is only valid for the details listed on the entry form and is not transferable.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, entrants release VICTA from all claims connected with participation.

For an entry to be valid, entrants must complete the entry form, and pay the required entry fee prior to the commencement of their virtual challenge.

Entrants acknowledge they will participate and complete their virtual challenge in a manner chosen by them, at locations chosen by them and at their own risk.

Entrants acknowledge that should they withdraw for a non-medical reason; the entry fee is non-refundable.

Entrants acknowledge that the entry fee for the space in the race and not to ‘purchase’ the race medal. The medal is a reward for all completing entrants in the allocated time.

These terms and conditions and any orders made from the site are governed by English law. Any dispute or conflict arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions or an order from the site shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


For entrants 18 years and over: by completing an entry to a race, I certify I have read and accept the terms and conditions for participation in this event.

For entrants under 18 years: by completing an entry to a race, I certify I am the parent/ guardian of this entrant who is under 18 years and I give my consent for them to participate in this event. I accept the terms and conditions for participation in this event on behalf of the entrant and declare them capable of completing the 6K distance.

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