Project Description

VICTA Early Years
  • When: 6 April 2020

  • Who: 0 to 4 years and immediate family

  • Location: St Vincent’s School, Liverpool

  • Cost: £5 per adult, £5 per child

  • Closing Date: 21 February 2020

Join VICTA for an Early Years Day at St Vincent’s School, Liverpool. This day offers a space for children in the 0 to 4 age bracket who are blind or partially sighted to come together along with their families (parents/guardians and siblings).

All the children will have a fantastically busy day discovering all the fun facilities that St Vincent’s has to offer. This includes a tour and explore of The Little School House Nursery at St Vincent’s, plus loads of unique activities in the art and music rooms, not to forget the splash fun in the pool! Everyone will then have the opportunity to get a little messy in some outdoor play activities. For example, our Northampton Early Years Day (October) saw our little ones take part in a bare foot trail, sawing small logs and toasting marshmallows.

VICTA Early Years Days also provide parents the opportunity to meet organisations and professionals as well as being the perfect setting to meet other parents of a child with a vision impairment.

St Vincent’s is based in Liverpool and provides education and care for children with a visual impairment. It is situated next to the M62 and M57 and is a 24min taxi journey from Liverpool Lime Street Station.

St Vincent’s School, Yew Tree Lane, West Derby, Liverpool, L12 9HN

If you wish to attend, please fill out the online application form below.

Apply for the Early Years Family Day with St Vincent’s School

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If you are having difficulty with the form, please contact the office on 01908 240 831.

Please note, we can only accept a maximum group size of 6 of immediate family members, with a ratio of no higher than 3 adults per 1 child.

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