Project Description

  • When: TBC

  • Who: Volunteers ages 18+

  • Participants: Pre-teens aged 10 to 13 years who are blind or partially sighted

  • Location: New College Worcester

  • Included: Travel expenses up to a maximum of £50, main meals and accommodation

Please note, this activity has been postponed and we will update the information once a new date has been confirmed.

This activity will see many of the participants staying away from home or their parents for the first time. Your role as a volunteer alongside the VICTA team will be to support the group develop their independence whilst having lots of fun at the same time.

With the support of the independent living skills team at NCW, you will support the group to have a go at cooking and helping out with making lunch and dinner (including food prep and washing up) as well as providing support in developing other key skills.

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