18+ VICTA Sicily Trip, May 2015

This is the second time VICTA has teamed up with Seable to take a trip to the enchanting island of Sicily. It was a two-centre holiday that took us to, Marmizera, home of independent cinema in Sicily and Acitrezza, a bustling seaside city. This trip took in many unique sights, sounds, tastes and experiences that cannot be rivalled! From tasting tuna roe and drinking wine under an almond tree, to pruning vines and standing on Mount Etna as it erupted! A truly thrilling immersion into Sicilian life.

Sampling Sicilian food under the olive trees

Local Sicilian foods Fresh oranges

The most memorable parts of the activity were the excursions to the tuna factory, tasting a variety of interesting new flavours. Pruning vines, finding out about olive, almond and wine production, and tasting the fruits of their labours under the shade of an ancient almond tree. Visiting Syracuse for the day, stepping inside the cool of the Church of St Lucia, where we were invited to touch the holy relics, as St Lucia is the patron saint of the blind… an extraordinary experience! Learning how Papyrus is made, and discovering that Sicily is home to the world’s expert on papyrus production.

Outside the church of Santa Lucia

Making papyrus

Then a change of pace as some of us donned sub-aqua gear for a diving experience. The ultimate high came after the cable car up Mount Etna, where we were treated to plumes of ash erupting, and the ground trembling and rumbling beneath our feet! A wonderful experience covering many aspects of Sicilian life from the art and architecture, to farming and food, a real taste of a different life.

DSCN9141 DSCN9142

Our group at the top of a rumbling Mount Etna!

A very varied trip, with some very challenging and physically demanding aspects, from walking through farmland to the slippery pumice slopes of Mount Etna. An excellent trip to take part in if you want to challenge your senses and expand your experience.

– Miranda Creed-Miles

VICTA are returning to Sicily in October, if you are interested in attending this trip, please click on the following link:
Find out about Sicily October 2015


Bush craft at the All About You weekend
Personal shoppers on the all about you weekend
abseiling with VICTA
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