The team work fantastically as a unit and were always there to advise and assist when necessary. My computer was ordered in no time and received in the same week. They are very dedicated to their work in helping people with visual impairments and are the most helpful charity I have come across to date. It can feel like a very lonely place when you are registered blind and to know there is equipment which could make such a difference but feels out of reach. VICTA have restored my faith in human nature and the goodwill of people toward those who need a helping hand and I will always be grateful for their help.  

 – Grant Recipient, September 2017


I just wanted to thank you for funding my first activity break for vision impaired children. I got back on Friday after spending four days at Braeside. I had so much fun, my favourite things were learning how to light a fire in the woods, cooking our lunch, going swimming and the high ropes. The best thing was that I made new friends and now I’m home we are all texting each other.  

 – Activity Break Grant Recipient, Age 12, August 2017


A huge thank you from us for such an amazing weekend, we can’t remember the last time we felt so relaxed and it was wonderful to meet other families. Our daughter loved the activities and came away so much happier with herself and more confident on her feet. Being born with half a heart and sight impairment means that she often hears people saying she can’t or won’t achieve things and she’s had a particularly tough time starting school. The weekend gave her the perfect break.  

– Mother of Activity Attendee, Spring Family Weekend, Swindon, May 2017


My iPad has now arrived and I’ve set it up and am using it. I just wanted to say a really big thank you to the trustees and team at VICTA. Although my sight deteriorating at this age was not what I would wish for or have expected, being able to apply for this grant and receive the support that you have given goes a long way to boosting my independence and quality of life.  

– VICTA Grant Recipient, Age 29, February 2017


A huge thank you for the marvellous weekend you put on for the 14-17 year olds. I thought it was absolutely wonderful and all the things you arranged for them were absolutely spot on. I can tell you that Hannah absolutely loved it, she is still buzzing from it and loved the idea of being away from us for the weekend to talk and learn about things for her age group. I know it made her feel so grown up and she is just at the right age to be doing these things on her own, so she can talk about things and experiences with others her own age. 

 – Mother of Activity Attendee, All About You Weekend, Milton Keynes, January 2016


I would just like to thank VICTA for this once in a lifetime experience and all their volunteers and all the staff at Thorpe Woodlands, you were all amazing… if you are visually impaired and would like to change your life I would recommend VICTA because they are the best. 

– 18+ Activity Attendee, Youth Weekend, Thorpe Woodlands, February 2016


I just wanted to say thank you to all the team for a truly fabulous weekend. Syd just becomes so full of happiness the moment she is around her VI friends. Chatting nose to nose, huddled together so close that they are practically standing on each other’s feet, scuttling around like meerkats and just laughing all the time. They all wait for each other and save seats for each other at meal times, it’s really lovely to see her fitting into friendships like this. And that’s not forgetting the great time they have at PGL! 

 – Mother and Family Weekend Attendee, Summer Family Weekend, August 2015


He had a lovely time. Felt enormously proud to have travelled to London by himself. Thought all staff and attendees were lovely. Really enjoyed all activities especially the climb and the plague tour. His only constructive criticism (and only because you asked) would be that it was a bit of a rush and would have been better being two nights because of the travelling. But this is also a compliment! Overall really great fun and loved it all. Many thanks for taking him! Victa is brilliant because it is a charity that understands exactly what blind young adults need which is practical help unlike a lot of big charities that are really disappointing yet get all the media attention. So well done for understanding and listening!!! 

 – Mother of Activity Attendee, The London O2 Climb, June 2015


Many thanks for the VICTA pin badge, it really underlines how well you have supported us all through this great experience so thanks again.  

 – Steve White, 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon Runner


I wanted to send out a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart for support VICTA gave towards our recent tour to Nepal. It was truly ground-breaking and life changing for so many of us on the trip and without your support it would not have been possible.

You truly helped some of these young women and girls make a difference to their lives and to many around the world, because of this tour Pakistan now have a women’s blind cricket team with many other countries, especially Australia also looking to develop female blind cricket. The impact this tour has made has been incredible, almost too hard to describe to you, however we have tried.

On behalf of the U.K.’s first female visually impaired cricket team – Thank You

 – Beth Evans, The Change Foundation


I can’t tell you how great the Dino Snores was, when I asked Reeah if she wanted to do it again she replied yes straightaway. Reeah had such a fantastic time and she can’t s talking about it. Its amazing how the whole experience gave her such big boost of confidence. She felt so much part of the Dino Snores as everyone in the group were visually impaired rather than her being the only one. She enjoyed making the fossil the most. A big huge thank you to all the people from Victa and NHM to make it such a success and for looking after our precious little ones so well. I would like to thank Tracie for texting me to let me know that Reeah was fine as it was her first night away from home.

 – Ashwina Seewoosurrun, Mother of Dino Snores Attendee, November 2014


Thank you VICTA staff and volunteers for allowing me to attend ICC in Latvia. I really enjoyed the week.
I learned a lot from it, from the workshops that I took part in. I learned about new computer software and how to do faster searches on Google.

The best bit was being able to make friends from different countries. I am keeping in touch with the people on Facebook and Skype. I am getting calls from Poland and Sweden which is amazing. I really liked playing goal ball it was great fun. The thing that made me laugh was when I was bashed by everyone’s canes as I walked by.

In the future I would like to be a VICTA helper as I am partially sighted I can help the others.

 – Rohan Lowe, Young person who attended the International Computer Camp in Riga, August 2014


      Thank you all so very much for the wonderful weekend that my family and I were luckily enough to be invited to.

I can honestly say it was the best family break we have ever been on. Seeing my daughters tackle some quite challenging activities and even out climbing me on the vertical challenge made me feel extremely proud. Listening to them chattering each evening about what they loved doing and how much they liked their volunteer helpers was lovely.

For me as their mother, carer, educational teacher, mobility officer, social worker and all the rest of the “hats” I need to wear on a daily basis, just to finally be their Mum and enjoy the moment was just wonderful. It gave me a glimpse of normality even just for a few days.

So thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a “Mum” and enjoy my wonderful children having a brilliant time – I really cannot thank you enough. close

 – Sharon Dyke, Parent, Swindon Family Weekend


      Thank you all so much for your help and support with Amy’s laptop and software, she is thrilled that she now has her own laptop and will be able to stay in contact with her friends.

 – Sam, Paul, Amy Hawkins, Parents and child


    I have recently received my new desktop computer and Super Nova Software, it is really fantastic! It has made my life so much easier. I am now able to do my homework independently with no help and internet browsing is so much easier! It has made things a lot more manageable and has pushed me to do more via the computer now that it is accessible.

   Thank you so much!

 – Lucy Hobson, Child with a Visual Impairment


      I have received my new and wonderful laptop off of you, thank you so much. I really like this laptop because it has zoom text on it so my eyes won’t strain ever again in my life.

It is going to change my life by giving me time to rest and play on the laptop and clear my head.

 – Ray Gordon, Child with a visual impairment

A VICTA group of children ready for rafting
VICTA Family Weekend, Raft building activity