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– the VICTA Newsletter designed, written and published by our team of Young Ambassadors 

For this issue, we have decided to focus on the theme of wellbeing. Our new group of Young Ambassadors Ruqaiya, Ibraheem, Sonal, Owais, George and myself, Harriet, have each written an article we hope will inspire you to think about your mental health and maybe try something new. Inside you will find articles to suit all tastes: from how art therapy could help if you’re struggling with your mental health to tips on why it’s important to eat a healthy diet.

If you have any comments you’d like to share about the newsletter and how it has inspired you, we’d love to hear them! Happy reading!        

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The VICTA Young Ambassador Programme is a volunteering opportunity for young adults who are blind or partially sighted aged 18 to 29 years, shaped around employability. With projects designed to strengthen key skills and build business understanding, we work with each Young Ambassador to show how their learning and newly acquired skills can translate into a strengthened CV or job application.

My journey conquering the visual industry!

By Ruqaiya Asim

Ever since I was little, I’ve had a passion to be creative. From an early age I knew I wanted to go into art, however I didn’t realise how challenging this would be. Being a young person going through sight loss and trying to tackle the visual industry isn’t an easy task, but one I strive to triumph.

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The importance of healthy eating to improve wellbeing

By Harriet Smith

Harriet has a love for cooking and healthy eating, she even writes her own cooking blog!

Harriet has investigated how eating healthily can effect and improve your wellbeing and the science behind it.

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Harriet Smith
Ibraheem Iqbal

How health and fitness helped me manage my mental health when I became blind

By Ibraheem Iqbal

After losing his sight at the age of 12/13, Ibraheem faced many challenges to his personal wellbeing. Ibz speaks openly about his own journey and how an involvement in sport and a commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle helped his own mental health.

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My gifted green world

By Sonal Sumaria

Since a young age Sonal found a passion for horticulture and has proved, through her own determination, that it can be an accessible hobby and career path. Sonal talks about her journey into horticulture growing up with a hearing and visual impairment.

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Sonal Sumaria
George Upfield

Walking for wellbeing

By George Upfield

George is visually impaired as the result of a brain tumour which crushed his optic nerves when he was nine. In this article he shares how walking has become not only a workout for him but as a means for contemplation.

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My experiences playing blind cricket

By Owais Niaz

Owais found a talent for playing blind cricket at school and he found it soon became more than just a hobby, bringing a host of experiences and even international travel. Find out how Owais became involved in the sport and where it took him!

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Owais Niaz

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