By Elin Williams

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About Elin

Elin Williams
 Elin is a 19-years-old VICTA Young Ambassador who is currently studying a BA (Hons) degree in Arts & Humanities with The Open University. She has an aptitude for writing and aspires to pursue a career in journalism. One of her main interests is blogging; she has her own award-winning personal blog called ‘My Blurred World’, which she created just over three years ago. Elin’s blog focuses on beauty, fashion, life and disability related topics.Elin decided to join the VICTA Young Ambassador programme as she sees it as a fantastic opportunity to express her passion for writing. She also values the great opportunity that the VICTA Young Ambassador programme will provide her in allowing her to meet new visually impaired individuals and make a new social group of friends. She is very much looking forward to what she will achieve on the VICTA Young Ambassador programme over the year.My Blurred World Teen Blogger Awards 2018

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