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Have you thought about… playing in a marching band?

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By Michael Alford The increasing variety of technologies such as apps and modern digital equipment, combined with a few age-old communication methods developed for the visually impaired, such as Braille, are making most activities accessible even for those with extremely severe sight impairments, but walking around while playing music can really feel like a no-goer. But [...]

Have you thought about… taking the trip of a lifetime?

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My Jolt Trust trip of a lifetime by Charlie Beeston My name is Charlie Beeston. I am a 15 year old student from Lincoln living with a visual Impairment. In 2018 my life was changed forever. I was called into the head teacher’s office at school where she informed me of an opportunity of a lifetime [...]

Have you thought about… pole dancing?

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Time to climb the pole! By Alexandra Mackie  It all started with a conversation between me, my boyfriend and his Amazon Echo. “Alexa, where can I buy polo mints?”  Alexa answered, “Pole dancing in Birmingham?” We both shouted, “No!” in exasperation but that’s when the idea got stuck into our heads. It made me wonder whether pole dancing was [...]

Breaking Down Barriers in Recruitment

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by Michael Alford Disclaimer – any views expressed in this article are my own and are not necessarily shared nor endorsed by any of the organisations mentioned. If it’s hard for disabled people to find jobs, it’s worth remembering that it can also be quite hard for an employer to employ someone with a disability when [...]

Finding travel courage as a VI individual

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Planning and organising a holiday can be a very stressful process for individuals who are visually impaired (VI). As a VI individual myself, l have always found myself choosing the safe and secure option to travel abroad with family or close friends who have had the opportunity to grow their understanding of my eye condition and the [...]

Enjoying independent international travel

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By Claire-Louise Fallis As a visually impaired person, travel can sometimes have its challenges. There are specialist companies out there that have packages that include a sighted guide for the duration of the trip to make things a little bit easier, but what if you wanted to be spontaneous? Personally I’ve always travelled independently, and at [...]

Enjoying VICTA’s Patron, Michel Roux Jr’s hospitality at Le Gavroche

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by Idil Serce Michel Roux Junior is the well-known chef-patron of ‘Le Gavroche’, which he took over from his father and uncle in 1991. Since taking over and running the family business, Michel’s influence on the restaurant has been undeniable and ‘Le Gavroche’ is the only French restaurant in the UK to have been awarded two [...]