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Online Takeover – Hosting a Get Together

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Our Pre-teen Sleepover due to take place in the Easter holidays has been postponed and so rather than miss out completely, we have brought some of the fun online! Here you will find all the tips you need to recreate your own virtual get-together and stay connected. First things first, you [...]

How to make chocolate fondue

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Chocolate Fondue A quick pudding for a crowd, bbq or even a dinner party. It is super simple and fun.   What do I need? 200g dark chocolate, broken into small pieces 200g milk chocolate broken into small pieces 200ml double cream 3 tbsp (45g) golden syrup   Equipment Microwave saucepan [...]

How to make baked cheesy dip

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Baked Cheesy Chilli Dip Serves 8-10 A people pleasing tasty sharing meal. When with friends we tend to pick at food, sip at drinks and talk. Here’s a meal that you might not want to share.   What do I need? 200g full fat soft cheese 150ml sour cream 75g mayonnaise [...]

How to host your own Zoom party

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With the postponement of many activities at this time, VICTA would like to encourage everyone to meet up electronically to enjoy activities and games online. Zoom, along with other video chatting platforms, can be a great tool for connecting face-to-face with friends, family and loved ones. However, this might prompt you [...]

Healthy eating from your store cupboard

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VICTA Young Ambassadors Harriet and Ibz both have a love of cooking and healthy eating. Here they share some top tips on cooking on a budget and nutritional recipe ideas! Quarantine cooking tips from Ibz I'm excited to bring you some fun and healthy snacks to keep you going during quarantine. Although you [...]