Building confidence in Barcelona

Susan Bromley Challenor

First of all is our heartfelt thanks to you all at VICTA. Thank you to VICTA and all the volunteers so much for the care and hard work you put into the trip to Barcelona.

When we picked Hannah up on Saturday she did not stop talking about it all weekend, she absolutely loved it. She enjoyed all the trips, the food and has completely fallen in love with Barcelona. She told us how everyone was so friendly and how they helped her when they realised she couldn’t see, the people in the shops and restaurants.

I cannot tell you enough the confidence that a trip like this gives Hannah to realise that her visual impairment is no barrier and shows her that anything is possible. She loves travelling, going on planes and staying in hotels and this trip she particularly loved. She can’t stop telling us how she enjoyed everything you did, from the Sagrada Familia to the Gaudi mosaics to the food and places you visited. I think the ham tasting was also a particular favourite!

She bought me a lovely glass cat and I know she would have gone through every single one to pick just the one she thought I would love – and I do!

Years ago I couldn’t imagine that Hannah would go anywhere else without us but I can honestly say that there is no better a group of people that I would entrust Hannah’s safety to than all of you and the volunteers at VICTA.

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