Volunteering with VICTA

Beth Stewart

I became involved with VICTA three years ago; my first family weekend was August 2014. A fair few activities later, I can still recall the feeling of coming home to an empty house after having three days with my group – I was drained and very emotional and I cried for days but it was the most amazing experience I could’ve ever wished for.

I had been completely moved by the experience and I still struggle to put into words the feeling you have after volunteering with VICTA.

If I had to try though, I should probably start off by saying that I was pretty nervous, I had never done anything like that before and to top it all off I was also representing the company I work for, talk about pressure! The first day was all a blur and before I knew it I had made friends with everyone in my group, the names and faces of the kids I can still remember and it is such a joy when I go back and they even remember me! 

Everyone is so kind and caring and helpful, sometimes you do wonder who is helping who! I was pushed into the lake once (as a joke) and one of the kids jumped in after me because he heard me scream, we soon figured out that I could stand but that wasn’t the point. The point is that everyone jumps in heart first with VICTA and in return you are part of something, something bigger than you and I. Something life changing.

For us it’s just a few days. A long weekend away from home but for those kids it’s the highlight of their year and gives them the opportunity to be ‘normal’ in a world where they may feel alienated. That truly is a wonderful thing to be a part of and I hope I have the opportunity to continue my work with VICTA for many more years to come.

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