VICTA Parent Portal

The VICTA Parent Portal has been created with parents fully at the centre. Over the years, we have heard parents describe the endless hours they would spend trawling the internet trying to find the information they needed. Information on schools, benefits, hobbies and more. With no one central site providing this information, parents would end up frustrated and disheartened.

To fill this gap, we have created the VICTA Parent Portal. A one stop information hub for all parents and carers raising a child who is blind or partially sighted. The Portal has a wealth of information covering topics from Early Years to Assistive Technology, and signposts to many other organisations who can help. The ‘Stories’ section has first-hand accounts from parents and young adults who are visually impaired, providing advice, encouragement and inspiration.

VICTA Parent LogoHowever, we weren’t happy to stop at just providing information. VICTA has a vision of bringing parents together for friendship and support. We want to use parent experience to better assist and encourage other parents. We have therefore created the VICTA Parent Network. This project will empower parents to support and advise one another, and run local events and groups to create networks of parents across the country.

Our Parent Ambassadors that are part of this new scheme have first-hand experience raising children who have a vision impairment. We believe that these are the people best placed to provide help and advice if you do have any concerns or encounter any problems.

Our VICTA Parent Network Facebook group is a safe space for you as a parent to ask any questions or seek advice on any topic related to raising a child who is visually impaired. To join the group, visit

We are so excited to be launching these new services, and to have you join us on the journey! We hope it will make a hugely positive impact to your family’s life.

Please visit the portal at and help us spread the word.