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VICTA started over 30 years ago as a local parent support network. Our reach has since spread over the entire country, but our original vision of connecting parents for friendship and support hasn’t changed.

Here at VICTA, we have heard time and time again how the best advice has come from another parent, or how the Family Weekends we host give parents a chance to discuss issues and create solutions. It is vital in many aspects, not only for the child but also the parents, to be able to access the best possible information and we believe that parents are key to this.

We have therefore started our ‘Parent Network’. The aim of this project is to empower parents to support and advise one another, and run local events and groups to create networks of parents across the country. Our Parent Ambassadors that are part of this new scheme have first-hand experience living with and raising children who have a visual impairment.  We believe that these are the people best placed to provide help and advice if you do have any concerns or encounter any problems.

To this end, we have a VICTA Parent Network Facebook group. This is a safe space for you as a parent to ask any questions or seek advice on any topic related to parenting a visually impaired child. Other parents and young adults in the group will provide answers, support and encouragement.

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We currently have 8 Parent Ambassadors as part of the VICTA Parent Network. These Ambassadors are charged with being active members on the Facebook group, arranging local events for parents, and visiting schools and organisations as requested to promote the work of VICTA.

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