VICTA supports children and young adults who are blind or partially sighted by providing grants that support the purchase of equipment to aid their visual impairment.

We are currently running two grant schemes, one in partnership with the RNIB (for the Apple iPad Air 2 and Orbit Reader 20 only) and our VICTA general grant scheme (for other items covered under our criteria). Find out more about both programmes and how to apply below.

RNIB Apple iPad Air 2 and Orbit Reader 20 Scheme

VICTA is currently working in partnership with RNIB on a product grant programme focussed on supporting independent study using technology. If you are registered blind or partially sighted and a UK resident you could be eligible for an Apple iPad Air 2 (32 GB) (age criteria 11-25 years) and/or an Orbit Reader 20 for Braille users (age criteria 8-29 years). Seen as complementary technologies, it is possible to apply for both provided you satisfy the age criteria.

For all other grant applications, please continue reading below.

VICTA general grant scheme

VICTA grant guidelines

Applications will be considered for children and young people who are registered or are registrable blind or partially sighted up to and including the age of 29 years and who are permanent residents in the UK. All items supplied through our grant scheme are for home use only (not for school or college).

All applications are independently reviewed by our Trustees and outcomes will be notified in writing. No outcomes will be given over the telephone.

Successful applicants will be asked for a contribution towards the grant. Please note iPads will always require a 50% contribution.


  • Only one grant will be awarded to an applicant within a two year period
  • iPads will only be considered for children over the age of 11 years
  • Only one iPad will be supplied to any one applicant
  • Computers and/or software will only be considered for children over the age of 8 years
  • Computers will only be given once before the age of sixteen and once after, and there must be a 5 year gap between the grants
  • A maximum of 2 laptops/desktop computers can be supplied to any one applicant.
  • Braille Note takers will only be considered for children over the age of 11 years
  • Only one Braille Note taker will be supplied to any one applicant

Please note, if applying for a laptop or desktop PC, VICTA will provide a standard minimum specification for these items, as follows:

  • VICTA standard laptop: Lenovo V130CN, 15.6” display, Intel Core i5-7200U, 8GB Ram 256 SSD, Weight 1.8kg and Microsoft Office 2010
  • VICTA standard desktop PC: 19″ Intel i5 processor, 500GB HDD, 4GB ram, keyboard, mouse and Microsoft Office 2010

If you have a specific requirement, you will need to provide details of why you require the alternative model.

Items not covered under the VICTA grant scheme

  • Mobile telephones
  • Household white goods
  • Building or garden maintenance
  • Travel costs to and from school/college or hospital appointments
  • Funding for respite care
  • Funding for child care
  • Family holidays
  • Payment towards maintenance, insurance or extended warranties
  • Equipment/software training
  • Wheelchairs or other equipment which is not specifically to support the child’s/young person’s visual impairment

All grants are awarded at the discretion of the VICTA Trustees and are dependent on available funding.



Applicant completes the VICTA grant application form and submits the application form plus registration documents to VICTA

Apply here >

Application form reviewed by trustees (typically once a month)

Applicant informed in writing by post or email of the review outcome. If the application was unsuccessful the process ends. If the application was successful the process moves forward to the next step.

Applicant returns paperwork (order confirmation form) and pays any required contribution.

Once equipment has been ordered delivery to applicant will be approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Once delivery has been completed, applicant notifies VICTA and completes a grant feedback form.

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