Hello, my name is Samuel Scott and I recently participated in the Vitality Big Half, raising money for VICTA.

VICTA is a charity which does phenomenal work, supporting and empowering blind children and young adults; this work has a special place in my heart. My youngest brother, Seth, was diagnosed with a genetic condition called Lebers Congenital Amaurosis. This means Seth is completely blind. Having charities such as VICTA provide their wonderful support for families and blind children all around the UK is truly heartwarming; it is amazing what they do and the difference they can make. VICTA has made such a difference to Seth’s life, which is the reason why I wanted to fundraise for them.

To gather funds and raise money, I made use of major social media platforms. I created a Virgin Money Giving page and provided insight as to why I am raising money on the page. I shared the link to the page over Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat a few times. I also asked family and friends if it would be possible for them to also share the link. The amount of support I received was incredible and I managed to raise a total of £1,300, totally smashing the target I had set.

Samuel Big Half

Image caption: Samuel and a friend smiling, wearing their Big Half medals at the end of the race

As for the actual half marathon itself, I have never experienced anything quite like it. Vitality’s Big Half was the first half marathon I have entered, and it certainly will not be the last. I have never been the biggest fan of long-distance running, but the event itself was a truly wonderful day out. There were thousands of people, all running in support of something great in the world. The entire atmosphere was completely positive, I found that I couldn’t stop myself from smiling, despite my legs screaming at me and my feet feeling like bricks. Although it was a race, there was a real sense of unity. Everybody had a goal they had set out to achieve; whether it was raising a certain amount or even just getting past the finish line, we had all come together.

I’m so very grateful that I was provided with this opportunity to help other people in the world, and this brilliant charity. I am also so grateful that I was able to have so much fun doing it. Thank you VICTA, the work you are doing is inspiring.

By Samuel Scott

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