With the launch of our app-tastic competition for British Science week, we’ve been having a think about our dream apps in the office, Harriet is thinking big! Have a read of her idea below and then find out more about our app competition here >

If I could create a dream app, it would be a time-travelling app that allows me and anyone else to travel backwards and forwards in time. There would be a replay button where you could relive all your favourite moments from years gone by, such as a wonderful time with a friend, a particularly special concert or some amazing chocolate cake you ate back in 1999. If you’ve had pets in your life and they have died, you’d be able to go back to special moments you had with them when they were alive, so you’d never be without them again. Personally I would go back to when I had my cat Willow and all the special times we shared together. The same would apply to humans who have died too: you could instantly be transported back to when they were alive and recapture all the happy times you had with them. You would also be able to relive memories from holidays too. The app would also have the option to travel back decades as well, to experience what life was like in the First and Second World Wars for example. You would be transported back there and get a sense of what the world was like at that time.

It would also be possible to travel forward in time through the app. For instance, you could select the “Forward in Time” button and within seconds you would whizz straight to your birthday, Christmas, the next five years or a concert you’ve been excited about for ages. And when it was over, you wouldn’t feel sad because you’d then be able to go back to that time again by selecting the “Back in Time” button. Also, if you were having a particularly bad day at school or work, you’d instantly be able to flick straight to the hour you finished and go home. If you have difficultly sleeping, you’d just tap the “Forward in time” button and all of a sudden it would be morning. So then if you felt tired during the day, just press the button again and it would be night and you’d have a good sleep. If you hate Mondays, you’d select “Forward in time” and in nano seconds it would be Friday night, you wouldn’t even have to work on a Friday: you could just skip through the whole day! It would be possible to do the same with seasons too: if you don’t like Winter, simply go forward in time to Spring and Summer. If you love going to festivals and have had one planned for ages no problem! Just reach for your phone, open the Time-travel app, tap Forward in Time and you’d be there right at the front without having to wait in the queues! Once the festival’s over and you’re struggling to get back into normal life, just tap “Back in time” and you’ll be able to relive it all over again.

Those are just a few examples of how the app would work. App designers: please take note!            


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