Climbing the Matterhorn for VICTA

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It a was gloomy and rainy evening in Chamonix when I arrived. However, undeterred by these short lived weather conditions and fueled with excitement and a determination to carry out my charity climb and environmental research I started my preparations. The BBC weather forecast proved to be correct and the morning was bright and sunny. My [...]

Simon’s Marathon story with Team VICTA

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Two years prior to running the marathon, I had suffered a large pneumothorax (collapsed lung). Although not a huge runner prior to this, I had been interested in running & taken a few short distance runs (including a 10k). The pneumothorax, however, truly knocked the wind out of me to the point where even walking was [...]

Team VICTA at the Virgin Money London Marathon 2015

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VICTA would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who ran the marathon on our behalf. And we mustn’t forget those who supported, massaged and cheered their hearts out at the 2015 London Marathon. Thank you. This year we were thrilled to be joined in the grandstand by a group of students from New [...]

Trekking Jordan for VICTA

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Wendy Coles (aka Grandma!) recently completed an amazing challenge – a trek from the Dead Sea to Petra. Following the recent loss of her sight in one eye through a detached retina, Wendy set out to raise money for VICTA setting herself an amazing target of £4,000. Petra seemed the perfect choice and is close to [...]

24 hours of cycling, swimming and running!

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The Birmingham Triathlon Club showed pure determination and endurance completing a 24 hour triathlon raising funds for their club and for VICTA. The team were inspired to support VICTA through team member Jack Garner. Jack, who is visually impaired himself, has attended VICTA activities and experienced first hand how our funds are put to use. In [...]

Li’s Camino Trail Trek for VICTA

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My son Ryley has bi-lateral optic nerve/renal coloboma (along with a few other visual issues) and is registered as severely visually impaired. Whilst he is an active, confident and happy 10 year old, there are a whole host of activities which he is simply excluded from. A couple of years ago, we heard about VICTA and [...]

Michel Roux Jr turns ‘Celebrity Trader’ in aid of VICTA

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VICTA patron Michel Roux Jr is the latest high profile name to take on the financial markets and become a ‘Celebrity Trader’. Every month City Index challenge a celebrity to learn to trade on the financial markets and then dive straight in with the aim of raising as much money as possible for their chosen charity. [...]