A wet and windy day greeted us at Herrings Green Farm but it didn’t dampen any spirits as everyone looked forward to starting off the second week of the Easter holidays by spending some quality time with a variety of different birds and animals.
In the morning sessions, we got the chance to hold a variety of different owls, feed the guinea pigs including Greg, a blind guinea pig and watch a flying display. The owls proved particularly popular and despite many a plea from children to parents, Herrings Green Farm retained their full complement of owls without any being smuggled home!

After lunch, it was time to experience life as a true falconer and we had a go at flying the owls. We were impressed with how responsive the owls were and whilst we would like to think it was because they took a shine to us, it probably had more to do with the tempting chicken pieces on offer.

Later on in the stables, we all had a go at grooming the donkeys and stroking the lambs before finishing the day with a critter show. The opportunity to feel and hold the animals at the farm ensured that big smiles were on faces all day although perhaps the biggest smile of the day went to the farm’s goat, that decided to escape into the car park!

Written by Luke Wakefield
Lead Activities Coordinator