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ICC by the sea! Croatia 2018

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The 24th edition of ICC (International Camp on Communication and Computers) took place in the idyllic Croatian seaside city of Zadar. This was the first ICC to be held at the seaside and all participants, staff and volunteers were very keen to be thoroughly acquainted with the Adriatic Sea with daily temperatures hitting above 30°C. Our [...]

2018 VICTA international adventures

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For another year VICTA has enabled young adults who are blind or partially sighted to undertake cultural adventures in a semi-independent setting. 2018 saw VICTA host its first ‘big trip’, a discovery tour of Thailand and jet off to cultural hot spots across Europe. We also offered trips with an educational element, as the UK representative [...]

ICC heads to Belgium for the 2017 camp

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The 23rd International Camp on Communication and Computers (ICC) took place in Leuven, Belgium over 10 action packed days in July. With VICTA being the UK representative, it is a very important date in our annual diary, providing eight young people from the UK with an exciting new opportunity to travel, meet international students and gain [...]

ICC 2016 Dresden

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The 22nd International Camp on Communication and Computers (ICC) took place in Dresden, Germany for 10 days this summer. This is a key date in the VICTA diary, and we are thrilled to be the UK representative and give seven young people the chance to attend this great event. Many of you may be thinking, ‘But what [...]

Booting up as a volunteer back at camp

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Written by Matthew Clark One of the greatest experiences of my youth has been three times attending the ICC, an international camp for young people from across Europe who are blind or partially sighted. I have wonderful memories of Vienna 2009, Athens 2010 and Cluj 2012 (Romania). Each camp wasn’t just fun but helped develop skills. An [...]