There is no time to start fundraising like the Christmas present!

The run up to Christmas is a great time to raise funds and spread goodwill to all. Spending some time on your fundraising now could really boost your fundraising and help take some pressure off your targets in the New Year. To lend a hand our fundraising elves have put together this helpful and very nice list, just remember to check it twice!

Organise a Santa dash

All you need is a bulk order of Santa hats and some willing entrants. Charge everyone to take part and they can dash to the finish for a mince pie. Remember, Santa’s don’t just run well, they can also take part in football, netball, boot camps and danceathons.

Panto pennies

If there is a local theatre putting on a pantomime this year, ask if they can do a collection on the night on behalf of VICTA as families leave the show.

The gift of gifting

Are you a dab hand at ribbon curls? Wrapping can be a sticky chore for many of us, so set up your own gift wrapping service for those in need!

Go card free

Instead of Christmas cards this year ask friends and family to donate instead. You could provide an alternative, try an office Christmas goodwill message board or, if you are technical, an online post for family and friends to add to.

Bag packing

This is always one of our most successful fundraisers. Ask permission from your local supermarket to pitch up on a busy day with a team of Christmassy helpers and pack bags in exchange for change.

Raid your garden

Do you or a family member have holly in the garden or even ivy or pine trees? Holly sprigs and other festive foliage can fetch a high price at this time of year!

Carol singing

Sometimes the traditional fundraisers are the best. Spread some true Christmas joy by gathering a group of singers and go a-wassailing!

Save Christmas!

Think of all those last minute items everyone forgets? Set up a stall in your office stocking Christmas SOS supplies, from sticky tape to a chocolate orange you could help your colleagues avoid the last minute shopping dash.

It’s Chrisssssstmas!!!

Put together a party playlist for the office, charge £2 per Christmas song or £5 for a Christmas-free tune for those colleagues who have had enough of sleighbells for one year. Ramp it up another gear with a Christmas Car(ol)-eoke night!

Tree collections

If you have the wheels (or boot space), to fit in Christmas trees, offer to collect people’s taken down trees in January to take for recycling.

Decorate yourself (or your boss)

Let yourself be decorated for the day, charging for each decoration added to your ensemble by your friends and colleagues. A fun game that everyone will want to take part in.

New Year – new you!

Let your loved ones extend their merriment in January and take on their resolutions on their behalf for the month of January. Hey, you won’t need chocolate and wine with the training regime anyway!

The big switch on

Go all out on your outdoor lights and Christmas display this year and encourage your neighbours to do the same. Organise a big lights switch on, with collection buckets at the ready and advertise the charity event in your local paper to draw a crowd!

Warm up your local park run

Ask to set up a stand serving warm drinks to rescue frozen runners braving the winter mornings. This was suggested by a VICTA runner last year who had lots of happy customers.

Host an advent open house

Hold a community event and open your house or garden to your neighbours one evening, offering mulled wine and mince pies in exchange for a charitable contribution.

Good luck, stay warm and remember to get permission for any collections. If you have any more ideas, please comment below to share them.

Happy Christmas for everyone at Team VICTA!