VICTA’s Activities Coordinator, John Smith has decided to step onto the other side of the tracks this year to join our team of runners for the 2018 London Marathon!

We are excitedly following his progress and looking forward to supporting John and all of our inspirational #TeamVICTA runners on the big day. John has taken some time out of his schedule organising activities for our families, children and young people to answer a few of our questions.

What made you decide to run the marathon for VICTA?

After watching last year and feeling the atmosphere of the event, I knew I had to run it this year! Working for VICTA, I attend many of our activities and get to meet the families and young people who benefit. Knowing how the money is spent from all the fundraising, meant it was more personal to me to take part.

Is this your first marathon?

It is, although I have previously run a half marathon.

How are you feeling about the fundraising target and what plans do you have to help you get there?

So far my fundraising is going well. I participated in Movember, I have a sweepstake running and the winner gets £50 if they get my finish time right. At the end of January/beginning of February I’m doing a head shave at work with our Director Nick Schofield, so that should hopefully raise a bit of money. I have also told friends and family and they are supporting me as well as support from businesses around my local area.

How is the training going?

It’s been good so far. Before Christmas I went out for sporadic runs, but now we are nearly there I have stepped it up to two runs a week and following them up with an ice bath to help my recovery. About 5-6 weeks before the marathon I will be aiming to complete 15-20 miles a week of running, before tapering it down so I don’t get injured!

Are you setting yourself a target time?

Yes, but I have to keep it a secret for my sweepstake!

What are you most looking forward to?

I think a mixture of crossing the finishing line and getting a massage afterwards!