In July and August, VICTA were lucky enough to visit the Microsoft Research Lab in Cambridge for some special Minecraft workshops. The aim of the workshops was to assist Microsoft in making Minecraft fully accessible for visually impaired users. The event was highly oversubscribed, and those who were fortunate to get a place were excited to play their part!

Minecraft Workshop

The days were incredibly practical and involved a range of hands-on activities. Participants were asked to design their own ‘super character’ to help guide them through Minecraft, and had a range of craft materials and Lego to help them with their creations. They were also able to play with a range of Minecraft versions, including Minecraft by sound. A beginners guide to coding was introduced with musical tools, and some exciting new technology in the form of a ‘holo-lens’. The children (and their parents) were also treated to a tour of the building, and lunch was enjoyed in the sunny Cambridge botanical gardens.

Minecraft WorkshopMinecraft Workshop

The days were a huge success for all involved, and VICTA would like to extend a huge thank you to the team at Microsoft for all their hard work and for involving us in their project.