VICTA volunteer Jamie has pledged to support us in a series of fundraising events across the year. I’m sure many of you know Jamie, who has volunteered on several of our activities over the last few years. He is a loyal volunteer and we’re sure you will all enjoy following his progress.

Jamie has seen first-hand the difference VICTA can make and wants to help further by throwing himself into fundraising. He is running three events in aid of VICTA and was out training hard over the Christmas break putting many of us to shame. If you would like to support Jamie, the events he will be entering in 2015 are:

  • 20 mile run for MK festival of running – 8 March
  • 26 mile marathon – 4 May
  • 69 mile ultra marathon – 11 July

We couldn’t quite believe it when we read the list – it makes us feel worn out just thinking about it. Good luck Jamie we will all be cheering you on! If you would like to support his efforts you can do so on his Virgin Money Giving page. We really love hearing all your fundraising stories here at VICTA and if you would like to share yours please feel free to share and comment below.