VICTA’s first activity in 2019 for 18 to 29’s kicked off in adventurous and energetic style! We headed to Thorpe Woodlands, Thetford for a weekend of outdoor pursuits and a 4×4 driving experience we would not forget. All activities challenged and stretched everyone and encouraged us to achieve things beyond our comfort zone!

We started the weekend on Friday evening with a delicious dinner followed by a traditional campfire and with some not-so-traditional ‘singing/rapping’ around it! We were treated to some hot chocolate and marshmallows to keep everyone warm and spirits high… which meant the singing could continue further into the night!

The following day, activities commenced! The group was divided to complete the outdoor pursuits and driving. Group one took to the wheel first and completed their 4×4 off-road driving experience. Meanwhile group two were equally busy taking to the trees, exploring the tree trekking course. We then had a quick ‘fuel stop’ at the centre before heading straight back to action with the groups switching to ensure everyone got to try everything.

The driving required extensive listening skills and concentration, and the group’s ability to engage and communicate with one another was paramount to ensuring everyone enjoyed the experience and gained as much from it as they could.

The Tree Trekking, on the other hand, demonstrated everyone’s tenacity to push themselves, while sharing a good joke or two up in the trees.    

Our third day featured a return to the River Avon for a relaxed canoeing session in the morning with some people choosing to get wetter than others! In the afternoon the group split for a choice of either the dreaded ‘Big Drop’ or to learn the finer skill of archery. After another full day we were treated that evening to a full roast dinner with all the trimmings… and a big side helping of a quiz!

As ever, the weekend brought the group together, while establishing and cementing new friendships. We would like to thank our volunteers, who helped ensure the weekend was a huge success – a perfect balance of entertainment and excitement.  Thanks also to our hosts at Thorpe Woodlands for providing us with a brilliant setting for yet another excellent VICTA driving break.

Written by John Smith
Activities and Volunteers Co-ordinator

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